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Dear Readers,

Following our previous statement regarding the unfortunate situation we have had to deal with I wish to update you of the situation.
We have successfully soul traded from our launch in 2009 as we have the financial security to be totally independent from banks, we also have a fool proof Health & Safety system which minimises risk to our company thus no accidents since trading to date.

We had never thought a competitor would set up and take our trade name and use this name to try and capitalise on our success so far in the Ltd entity, however unfortunately due to the market conditions currently a competitor has sadly found the need to attempt this desperate idea and have attempted to set up a web site in this name trying to copy the old Richard Lees logo and our name as the initials are similar. Subsequently Richard Lees owners have demanded they take that logo down, and our trading name is still in the back ground although our trade name is still mentioned within the wording of their current trading name referred to as ‘associated companies’. This reference is misleading and untrue, we have no association with this company whatsoever, and the reputation they have within the industry we would like to make clear we do not have any association with them at all.

Until they start trading in our name we can’t do a lot about it, although now we have taken the Rapid Steel Decking (UK) Ltd name so when new clients look for us on companies house they have the real alternative reference to refer to. Please remember we are the genuine UK Ltd company that you have relied upon and been loyal to for our reign and thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Kind Regards
Mike Adams
Sales Director & Managing Director


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