Corrosion Protection

Surface Finishes

RMD profiles are manufactured in galvanised steel in accordance with BS EN 10326 and BS EN 10143 specifications for continuously hot dip zinc / metal coated structural steel strip. This results in a minimum total coating mass of 275g/m2.

RMD products can be manufactured using Magnelis® Coating. This is branded as RMD protect steel coating and is specified for the most demanding or aggressive C4 and C5 environments and provide up to ten times more protection than standard galvanising.

The Magnelis® XP Coating is a unique metallic steel coating that is used in a range of applications and offers long-term surface protection and highly effective corrosion resistance. The unique composition contains 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. The Magnesium content ensures a stable and durable protective layer. Download the Magnelis® brochure and corrosion certificate using the link below

Download Magnelis Brochure

Cost effective compared to stainless steel and aluminium

  • Magnelis® provides the high level corrosion resistance of stainless and aluminium at a significantly lower cost.

Reduces maintenance costs compared to post-painting:

  • The use of Magnelis® can avoid the need for post-painting. This leads to cost savings and productivity improvement
  • The extended durability of Magnelis® results in reduced maintenance.

Advantages over post-galvanised steels

  • Freedom to optimise designs thanks to the ability of Magnelis® to protect deformed shapes
  • Lower weight of Magnelis® coating (depending on environment) to obtain the same level of corrosion resistance
  • Protects flat and deformed surfaces as well as cut edges
  • Shortens the logistics chain thanks to simpler fabrication processes.