RSD54-600 Steel Deck Great Cost Effective Choice

Steel Deck

RSD Supply and Fix decking across the UK. All RSD’s profiles are 600mm wide, making them lightweight and easy to handle.

RSD’s profiles have proven their performance and are a great cost-effective choice.

The RSD54 is the equivalent profile to replace the following products:

  • ComFlor 51 (610mm wide)
  • Holorib (600mm wide)
  • R51 (600mm wide)
  • Multideck 50-V2 (600mm wide)
  • MetFloor 55 (600mm wide)
Nominal Thickness Design Thickness Available Grades Depth of Profile Weight of Profile Height of Neutral Axis Area of Steel Moment of Inertia cm4/m Ulimate Moment Capacity kNm/m
mm mm N/mm2 mm kg/m2 mm mm2 Sagging Hogging Sagging Hogging
0.9 0.86 S350/S450 54 0.136 20.93 1697.1 79.93 72.18 9.39 8.98
1.2 1.16 S350/S450 54 0.181 20.93 2277.5 112.66 107.37 12.08 11.85


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