Design Service

Full Autocad design service for your project

RSD decking can be used as permanent shuttering to an insitu concrete topping, or as both shuttering and tensile reinforcement to form what is referred to as a composite floor slab.

Composite floor slabs form the most frequent application, and these are designed to the currently applicable design code BS5950: Part 4.

When decking is used as permanent shuttering only, it is the responsibility of the Project Structural Design Engineers to specify all the slab reinforcement necessary to support the permanent loads, ignoring any contribution from the decking profile.

RSD provide full working drawings for the steel deck locations to assist offload and landing of packs.

RSD will be releasing a unique software package that enables engineers to design the frame and decking interaction for composite slabs in April 2018.

For the interim please contact our design team to provide this service.

Please click the link below to download our checklist PDF which will assist us in the design process.

Download Requirements Checklist